Zibb Browser - main functions and components

Zibb Browser is a web browser and conductor between the user and the Internet.

The principle of Zibb Browser is that it receives the original request from the user, processes it, and
returns the ready made result.


The most confidential browser does not use identifiers that allow tracking IP addresses and does not
exchange information about web pages with internal servers. Zibb Browser protects customers from
unwanted advertisers collecting information about their users.


ZIBB Browser is also developed for iOS and Android to access the Internet from anywhere in the world,
has a multilingual language bar and is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, as well as:

  • records everything that the user does on the Internet, storing it under the title "Browsing history";
  • saves all passwords for quick access in "bookmarks";
  • automatically blocks various advertisements and spam;
  • informs about the arrival of mail, various messages and so on;
  • sets the exchange rate, weather forecast, and so on;
  • allows you to make the browser’s appearance unique by changing its visual themes;
  • has a "background mode" function for working with media content when the browser window is closed.

Zibb Browser also has unique features such as a financial search module.

The financial module Zibb Browser is a clearly directional sector, information and analytical as well as
expert unit. Everything related to finance, business and money is directly or indirectly available in this
Zibb Browser module. Using the simple interface and ability to choose areas, the User may not only get
the necessary information in this area, but track accurate business analytics of all available sectors in the
field of finances, consider new business ideas and innovations, as well as recommendations from
experienced experts. The process of detecting and informing, using additional opportunities to achieve the
desired results - is based on rational analysis of data.

Analytical instruments provide a broad transformation of financial inferences:

  • automatic updating of information resources: articles, reviews, videos, blogs, forums, comments and
    other information sites related to the search’s object;
  • automation of detection and cleaning processes. Users can work on any device with context, receive
    accurate information in real time.

With the financial module of the Zibb search engine, you can:

  • use extensive filters and highlight the necessary positions in order to obtain a reliable information
    analysis or an independent list of investment and other programs related to finances;
  • use the form for checking purposes and add your own proposal to the financial module Zibb Browser;
  • this will ensure extensive recognition of your brand by users of the financial search engine Zibb;
  • participate in an advertising campaign in the financial area and place an advertising campaign, increase
    the position of your brand in the financial block of Zibb Browser.

The financial module of the search engine Zibb Browser is based on individual needs of each client in the
world of finances, and everything related to them, this is a special area, the ultimate goal of which is
money, business, earnings strategies, news and expert tasks.


  • Speed and safety of work, processing of sites is carried out with preloading of pages. Systematic
    updating of malicious resources’ database, thus ensuring the safety of users on the network;
  • Simple and accessible interface, at the same time it has the filter panel for quick access to financial sites
    and related pages and blogs, as well as the option to use the address bar in conjunction with a search
  • Huge selection of extensions, "Incognito" mode, automatic translation, voice search, automatic updates
    and other features are available in the Zibb Browser.