Cloud messenger Zibb Chat

Zibb Chat is an application for messaging, video chatting and communication in social groups that is
focused on speed and safety. You can use simple and free Zibb Chat on all your devices at the same time -
your messages are easily synchronized on any number of your phones, tablets or computers and it
supports end-to-end encrypted voice calls.

Zibb Chat is a cloud messenger with seamless synchronization. As a result, you can access your messages
simultaneously from multiple devices, including tablets and computers, share an unlimited number of
photos, videos and files.

Thanks to our infrastructure with several centers for data processing and encryption, Zibb Chat works
fast, is safe and free of charge. Zibb Chat is for anyone who wants fast and reliable messages and calls.

Business users and affiliate channels

With Zibb Chat, you can send messages, photos, videos and files of any type (doc, zip, mp3 and others),
as well as create groups and channels. All your partners registered through your affiliate link in the Zibb
system are automatically got to your personal channel for broadcasting and communicating with an
unlimited and desired audience. You can communicate with your referral partners and always see them in
the common channel.

Since Zibb Chat is for anyone who is looking for reliable messages and calls, groups support replies,
references, and hashtags that help maintain order and effective communication in large business
communities. You can assign administrators with advanced instruments, anyone can join open groups,
and they are a powerful platform for discussing and realizing business ideas.


Zibb Chat supports secure server-client encryption (symmetric AES encryption, RSA encryption, secure
key exchange), it is used in cloud chats of private and group chats, personal correspondence, media video

We also recommend you to always protect your account with a strong password when creating a single
account in Zibb system. As an additional protection, we provide a PUSH notification for a mobile phone
or, when connecting to the system through Google Authenticator, a verification code is generated in the
Google Authenticator program.