Opportunities of Zibb Cloud client

The client of Zibb Cloud Disk has the ability to work on a computer with files located in the cloud,
thereby freeing up space on the local disk and not reducing network bandwidth. This is a very effective
solution when you work with finances in the Zibb system and have tax reporting files, insurance contracts
or smart contracts, tables and financial data in the archives. Any changes you make are automatically
saved and synced so you always have the latest version of your file.

When working with shared disks, users can store, find and open files that are shared with them. Files on a
shared disk may belong to both individuals and groups that ensure access to the content needed. There is
the opportunity to open access to documents for other users to enable collaboration.

The disk can scan files for confidential information and block access to them for anyone outside the
company. Moreover, users get unlimited storage for photos and videos captured on a smartphone with the
app installed.

You can even work with documents, tables and presentations offline. In this case, all changes you made
will be automatically synchronized as soon as an Internet connection is established.

Cloud Disk, integrated to Windows and many Microsoft services, automatically syncs all files between
Word, PowerPoint and other office programs on various devices.

Store files and folders, share and work with them on any device. Share them with colleagues and work
together more efficiently on a safe cloud platform.

All data is stored on servers in an encrypted form, Zibb Cloud employees cannot read them, therefore the
confidentiality of our clients' personal data is guaranteed.