Zibb Coin FAQ

DAG advanced distributed ledger technology is a new technology, so we have presented here the most frequently asked questions.

Is Zibb Coin (ZIBB) a token?

No, Zibb Coin is a new cryptocurrency with its own infrastructure based on a distributed ledger with a consensus mechanism and ecosystem.

Is Zibb Coin an ICO?

No. Zibb Coin is the ready-made instrument, cryptocurrency with its own financial system. There will be no need in an ICO or crowdfunding. We have excluded it and given you the ready-made, large-scale product. Just take it and use it!

The success of a currency depends on the number of people who own it and the successful infrastructure for using a digital asset. Research shows that the historical capitalization of the first Bitcoin cryptocurrency follows Metcalfe's law, so it is proportional to the square of active users’ number. That’s why we have done our best to ensure that Zibb Coin is in hands of as many people as possible:

80% of the emission is distributed into circulation for private and open transactions, exchange, investment, banking and other operations available in the infrastructure;

20% are reserved for temporary holders of cryptoassets, individual rewards and private connections to the network.

Who created Zibb Coin?

Zibb Coin was developed by a team of developers from several countries. That was a large-scale idea that was successfully implemented: the infrastructure of the entire Zibb system also includes the Zibb Coin cryptocurrency, which is a circulating asset for services, it has a limited one-time issue, the nominal value at the time of issue is the book value of assets in the set of valuable id protocols of Zibb Company. Zibb ecosystem continues to evolve.

Where can I trade Zibb Coin?

Trading platform - Zibb Trade (zibbtrade.com) belongs to Zibb system. It is a multi-currency trading platform where you can trade.

Why is Zibb Coin not listed on other exchanges?

We are working on shortlisting; the time for entering the foreign market is determined by the development roadmap.

Can the server node change my transactions?

No, no transaction can be changed, opened or otherwise manipulated. After the transaction is completed, it gets to the register and remains unchanged until the process of the payment’s irreversibility is approved, that is, receipt.

Is the order explorer a miner?

No, the order explorer is autonomous servers - nodes (or power provided by a third party) , it is a network of servers that automatically publish transactions to a distributed ledger so that all nodes could set the ideal order and speed of transactions, they execute your transactions simultaneously.

Where can I download the Zibb Coin wallet?

The official Zibb Coin wallet is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. For mobile versions, download them from the App Store or Play Store - always check that the owner is "Private Limited Company Zibb".

Is there a way to get passive income with Zibb Coin?

You can participate in our distribution, which allows you to receive free bytes in exchange for your computing resources. This connection function is available on the website.

I get an error when I try to execute a transaction in my wallet, what should I do?

First, make sure you have the latest version of the wallet installed. If you are offered to replace all old addresses, do so as you won’t be able to make transactions from wallets. If you still experience problems, please contact support service.

Is there a transaction fee on Zibb Coin?

Yes, there is a small fee to pay for executing each transaction. The amount of bytes in the transaction fee is determined by the amount of your transaction.

The average fee for a payment is about $ 0.00001 at the current exchange rate.

How long does it take to confirm a transaction?

Zibb Coin is for instant transfers, fast server response due to increased bandwidth allows you to form full nodes faster and enable perfect order of instant transactions.

When a transaction is stable, is there a risk that it could become unstable again?

No, Zibb Coin has deterministic finality. This means that after a transaction is stable, no event can occur that would make the transaction unstable again.

How can I make a backup copy of my wallet?

There are two backup options that you can find in the wallet settings in the menu: backup of the wallet´s initial code and the full backup copy. Wallet’s seeds backup only allows you to restore wallets with a single signature, while a full backup copy restores everything: multi-signature wallets, smart contracts, personal data profiles, history and contacts.

Can Zibb Coin be mined?

No, the whole emission has been released. The total scope of bytes has been created and cannot be recreated.

Are there any stores that accept Zibb Coin as payment?

We have the best offer: you can pay anywhere in the world in any currency using Zibb Coin. Do you have Zibb Coin on your balance? Then convert it into the currency you need in our online exchange office or on our exchange, withdraw it to a card and pay for a purchase with the bank card.

Why is it important to secure your account?

The world of cryptocurrencies is quite new, but it is growing so fast that it has become very attractive to all kinds of scammers and sharks, and their strategies become more sophisticated every day. Social engineering is a huge and very real online threat.

What security instruments are available in the Zibb system?

Your account in Zibb system comes with the Trust Center. Please set a password and activate security measures. Get a PUSH notification on your mobile phone upon login, connect Google Authenticator and receive a verification code that is generated in the Google Authenticator’s program.

Someone has logged into my account. What should I do?

You may detect unauthorized activity by one of the following indicators:

  • Unfamiliar foreign transactions / payments in your account statements that you have not carried out;
  • Receipt of email notifications that you have not requested;
  • Unfamiliar sessions and / or unknown activities.
  • If you detect any of the activities above, take the following steps immediately:
  • Change your password and end all sessions;
  • Turn on 2-Step Verification if you haven't done it already;
  • Change your email account’s password;
  • Run malware on your computer. Once again, make sure you don’t use public / unsecured Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet.

By following these steps, you will deny potential attackers the access to your account. To make sure you never face this situation again, follow all of the recommended steps to secure your account.

What is two-factor authentication?

This is a vital safety feature. Even if someone gets your password, they simply cannot use it. We strongly recommend that you activate 2FA when registering with Zibb system, because your security is our primary concern. The two-factor authentication (2FA) enhances account security by requiring two different methods / factors to verify the identity of users. These factors may include data that we hope only you can know, such as your username and password, and something that only you have access to, such as an app on your smartphone that approves an authentication request. 2FA protects against social engineering, phishing and brute-force attacks, and also ensures that your logins are protected from attackers trying to exploit weak or compromised credentials.

Where to buy Zibb Coin cryptocurrency?

Several purchase methods are available on the Zibb system. You will need to deposit funds to your general account, the system will automatically redirect the balance to the purchase service, where you are going to perform this operation.