Principles and constituents of Zibb Holder

Institutional units (websites), operated by the Zibb Company, is the system of commercial Zibb projects, which also includes many financial instruments and media sites. The owner of the Zibb system is the Private limited company Zibb (Zibb Company). The company performs not only management, but also production functions, controls the areas of projects’ activity to conduct a single economic policy. The instruments, included to the Company, dispose of their own capital and independent financial areas.

The Zibb Coin cryptocurrency is one of Zibb Company’s developments, a circulating asset for the entire Zibb system, as well as the electronic format of Zibb Holder. Zibb Coin cryptocurrency asset has many advantages for using in a wide format, fast popularization and strong market demand.

Zibb system already includes several profitable instruments for popularizing the coin and is successfully working in this direction:

  • Zibb Pay ( is an international payment provider that operates in the B2B field, using the Zibb Coin cryptocurrency in circulation. This is a payment service that offers its services to merchants of small, medium and large businesses. The original software for fraud prevention and extended list of solutions for payments processing have been successfully developed.
  • Zibb Trade ( is a platform for trading and exchanging digital coins. It allows to exchange one cryptocurrency for another or for fiat money, buy and sell digital assets, speculating with them in order to get the maximum profit.
    In general, the Zibb system has the format of a conglomerate holding, which includes independent financial instruments with the participation of Zibb Coin.

The main profit making instruments of Zibb system:

  • Zibb Products - advertising and media unit (paid orders for promoting products);
  • Zibb Сloud - paid cloud storage (additional storage space for information);
  • Zibb Bank - credit and deposit services (fees for transactions);
  • Zibb Invest - external investments (profit from the income on invested assets);
  • Zibb Protocol – blockless ledger Zibb Coin (fees at the time of sending: payment per byte);
  • Zibb Pay - payment gateway (fees for payments processing services and payment for services when working with API protocols);
  • Zibb Trade - trading platform (fees for trades / deposits and withdrawals).

Zibb Coin cryptocurrency has a limited one-time emission, which is an important advantage for digital money, while the cryptocurrency is practically not negatively affected by inflation. Since new coins are not procured, a drop in their quotations due to the excess of supply over demand is almost completely excluded. This approach provides an advantage for investors, as they can get a rather high income due to the growth of their quotes.

Zibb Holder is a holder of a certain share of the Zibb Coin asset, from the total emission allocated for this program. It is a partner and the Company provides income in the form of a fixed dividend percentage of the net profit of the whole Zibb system, all instruments included in the format of the system for making a profit.

Terms of partnership for Zibb Holder, where Zibb Company provides stable profitability of controlled financial instruments:

  • the percentage of profitability depends on the amount of coins in the portfolio, is indicated in the personal account and accrues on the total income of the entire Zibb system;
  • dividends grow in progression, in the process of stable development and increase in income’s volume of Zibb Company;
  • opportunity to add coins to the portfolio at any time, as well as to sell part or all scope using Zibb Trade platform;
  • backed by an individual smart contract with terms and conditions;
  • a holder of the Zibb Coin asset may take out the insurance to settle possible risks related to the volatility of the cryptocurrency.

This program is designed to develop the Zibb ecosystem.

Stable income received with basic instruments of Zibb system and participation on a shared basis in Zibb Holder allow to develop new areas for realizing a business plan, indicated in the system’s development map. Considering that the whole package of id protocols of the Zibb Coin cryptocurrency with a nominal value reflects the liquid book value of the assets of the Private limited company Zibb and is a centralized part of the Zibb system, the development of the system guarantees a stable increase in the percentage of profitability under the Zibb Holder program by adding new profitable areas and expanding Zibb Company in general.