Zibb system infrastructure

Zibb is a global system with a full-fledged infrastructure of various financial platforms and information media services. The project is presented with full legal support and final technical development of a wide range of services.

The Zibb system includes the main platforms located at zibb.com, zibbrowser.com, zibbmail.com, zibbcoin.com, zibbprotocol.com, zibbwallet.com, zibbrisk.com, zibbholder.com, zibbank.com, zibbtrade.com, zibbpay.com , zibbexchange.com, zibbinvest.com, zibbpartner.com, zibbchat.com, zibbcloud.com, zibbads.com, zibbstats.com.

Zibb Browser (zibbrowser.com) - an extensive search engine, dynamically adjusting the amount of information and allowing users to have improved access to information and more accurate answers to questions. Zibb Browser has an incorporated Financial module - it is a directed dislocation, where the complete analytics and information of the entire global financial sector has been collected. Using an accessible interface and search filters, you may get acquainted with useful information as sector-specific blogs, channels, forums, other sites and recommendations in the financial area. Taking into account the opinions of experts of the selected category, you may analyze trends of world markets, banking sector, investment areas and etc. Based on targeted analysis and necessary information in one window, you can independently choose the most loyal or aggressive conditions for making money. (find out more)

Zibb Mail (zibbmail.com) is an electronic mail service for convenient exchange of letters, storage of correspondence, mass mailing with recommendations to your partners. The access to all services of the Zibb system is available through a common account using a single registration via Zibb Mail, in order to get the rights for using additional functional (software) opportunities of Zibb system’s services, the User must first create an Account (Zibb Mail ID). (find out more)

Zibb Coin (zibbcoin.com) is a financial unit - cryptocurrency. It is based on the technologies, alternative to blockchain, and has a blockless ledger, based on the directed acyclic graph (DAG) platform. It includes a limited, one-time emission and secure offline wallet in Android, iOS applications. Zibb Coin is part of the assets in the package of Zibb ecosystem’s valuable id protocols. (find out more)

Zibb Protocol (zibbprotocol.com) is Zibb Coin’s blockless ledger, which is based on the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) platform. There are no blocks in this network: transactions are directly linked to each other, where each new transaction confirms one or more previous ones. Transactions are processed instantly, as there is no need for miners and waiting for blocks’ formation. It is the most decentralized, most immune, to censor, way of sending transactions, where everyone has direct access to the ledger. (find out more)

Zibb Wallet (zibbwallet.com) - this site will help you create a Zibb Coin web wallet and interact with it easily and securely. It is a free client interface with the function of generating a private key for confidential access to the wallet. (find out more)
Zibb Risk (zibbrisk.com) is the system for insuring Zibb Coin’s cryptocurrency. It is an intelligent smart contract with floating conditions, which depend on the possibility of occuring or not an insured event. It guarantees the investor the preservation of his capital if there is a possible decrease of the Zibb Coin’s price trend, below 20% of the initial purchase. (find out more)

Zibb Holder (zibbholder.com) is a dividend system for partners, where the client is the holder of a certain amount of the Zibb Coin’s cryptoasset, based on these conditions Zibb Company ensures stable profitability of the controlled financial instruments of the whole Zibb system and payment of a certain percentage of the total net income. (find out more)

Zibb Bank (zibbank.com) is a financial structure, acting as a guarantor of a credit and deposit transaction, it provides insurance for a deposit and pledged asset. It accompanies each transaction with smart contracts with certain conditions and obligations. (find out more)

Zibb Trade (zibbtrade.com) is a platform for trading and exchanging digital assets. It allows to exchange one cryptocurrency for another or for fiat money, buy and sell digital assets, speculating with them to get the maximum profit. (find out more)

Zibb Pay (zibbpay.com) is an international payment provider (merchant acquiring) that operates in the B2B area, using the Zibb Coin cryptocurrency in circulation. This is a payment service that offers its services on API protocols to the projects of small, medium and large businesses around the world, in a wide sector of cryptocurrency and fiat payments. (find out more)

Zibb Exchange (zibbexchange.com) is an electronic exchange service that provides exchange of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. All operations of the exchange service are performed automatically, that enables instant exchanges. High security and reliability, encryption of financial data using the SSL certificate. (find out more)

Zibb Invest (zibbinvest.com) is a platform for external investments, focused on high-yield investments with diversification of portfolios by financial directions and internal distribution of investment assets, considering the individual degree of each financial instrument’s risk. (find out more)

Zibb Partner (zibbpartner.com) is an extensive affiliate program site that combines all financial instruments, advertising products and other intellectual property , belonged to Zibb Company and included into Zibb system. The affiliate program consists of four profitable levels, it applies to the weight of the partners' actions in the system (paid services of the cloud storage, payment for advertising, work with financial sites, etc.). Interaction with partners is secured by the partner channel in Zibb messenger and the possibility of partner mailings in Zibb mail. (find out more)

Zibb Chat (zibbchat.com) is the application for messaging, interaction in communities, channels and groups, video communication. The messenger is focused on speed and security, simple and free, it syncs across all your devices. (find out more)

Zibb Сloud (zibbcloud.com) – voluminous, additional cloud storage, apart from documents, tables, presentations, it supports files of more than 100 types, including PDF, CAD, etc. This is a very effective solution when you work with finances in Zibb system and have tax reporting files, insurance contracts or smart contracts, tables and financial data in the archives. (find out more)

Zibb Products (zibbads.com) is the service for creating and placing advertising campaigns in the Financial module Zibb Browser. The financial module is based on client’s needs in the financial area and everything related to them. This is a specific direction, the ultimate goal of which is money. Advertising of financial projects in the Financial module Zibb Browser is the professional advertising, the purpose of which is not just to attract attention, but to achieve the consumer’s reaction that your product really needs. (ffind out more)

Zibb Stats (zibbstats.com) is the service of the accurate statistical work that is a technical organized accounting of financial activities’ automatic processes of all institutional units, included into Zibb system. The information is reliable, accurate, complete and objectively reflects the actual position of the financial part, detailed monitoring and analysis. (find out more)

All Zibb infrastructure institutional units (websites) have versions on Android, iOS mobile platforms and are downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.