Zibb Invest - guarantees and areas

Zibb Invest is oriented to high-yield investments with portfolio diversification in financial areas and internal, additional distribution of assets, based on the individual degree of a financial instrument’s risk.

It is an investment in the products that can generate a profit in a short time. They have a profitability that significantly exceeds the annual profitability of classic financial market instruments with conservative profit-making strategies.

As a benchmark, let’s take a bank deposit at Zibb Bank, a significantly improved financial instrument compared to average conservative banking systems. By investing a certain amount to Zibb Bank, the client has a stable and secured profit.

High-yield investments have other financial instruments, the profitability of which is two or three times higher than the annual rate of Zibb Bank. According to statistics, high-yield investments make from 100% to 300% annualy. However, these are risky investments.

The basis of Zibb Invest's work with your portfolio is not only the opportunity to invest profitably and get an open analysis of instruments, but also a reasonable distribution of funds and professional approach to each share of your portfolio.

The main criterion of Zibb Invest is the preservation of the investor's portfolio, we know that any area allows to make money, if you orient yourself correctly, understand the specifics and sensibly assess any possible outcome. Zibb Invest provides full analytics of all investment criteria in the context of directions, instruments, profitability statistics, considering obligatory insurance.

What areas does Zibb Invest work with:

The stock market is a segment of total capitalization that allows working with various instruments in the exchange and off-exchange format. Stocks, bonds, currencies represent the most popular subject for investment - they are effective and affordable, for almost everyone, stock market instruments. Shares and bonds have two types of profit: on the one hand, with the help of a broker you can operate with shares and receive income from the sale and purchase, on the other hand, dividends are accrued on shares, which are sometimes more profitable than a bank deposit.

Exchange traded funds - index funds, shares of which are traded on the stock exchange, are interesting because they have

  • access to international markets from a standard broker’s account;
  • online transparency of the structure of the fund's investment portfolio;
  • possibility to implement both passive (index) investment strategies and active management strategies, arbitrage pricing and hedging;
  • high liquidity - the possibility to buy and sell assets at any time;
  • wide diversification.

Trust management is used by the best time-tested and experienced brokers from different countries by areas. Constant analysis and work on selection’s specifications allows us to timely expand and update the list of counterparties-brokers. Futures and indices, cryptocurrencies, various accounts and options - all broker’s instruments, with an experienced manager they guarantee stable profits. Regardless of the economic stability in the world, we have a reliable key result, due to careful portfolio diversification and risks’ elimination.

It is important to stay with trusted brokers and have several experts with quite impressive experience, depending on the aggressiveness of trading, the leverage used and experience of the expert-broker: the instrument of one account may show 100% -200% of profitability for several months, while another may earn the same per year. However, together with an expert-broker, it is possible to evaluate the history of trading, the profitability chart and use the most flexible options for compiling and managing a portfolio.

A highly profitable industry is short-term investments or stock exchange in order to receive an increased profitability and quick profit.

An investment scam or HYIP is a type of financial pyramid. One of the most risky types of online investments, but one of the simplest and most profitable (they can make, but not limited to, 300% of income per year). For our team, investing in HYIP (High-Yield Investment Program) projects is a separate, highly profitable opportunity to make money, but in order to receive income, it is important to understand how to work with such projects correctly. For this type of investment, the principle of marking the risk level on Zibb Invest works in the highest range, which allows you to distribute the portfolio correctly - by minimal parts to different projects.

What is important to know when dealing with an investment scam

  • choose a project and assess risks;
  • determine the minimum investment amount in the aggregate of the portfolio;
  • select flexible and convenient investment plans;
  • invest to one project – one time;
  • regularly withdraw the earning;
  • track new HYIP projects for timely replacement;
  • constantly work with several HYIP projects.

For the investor, the high profitability is always associated with risks, this is the invariable criterion that is present in all types of investment. Regardless of whether we work on an exchange, invest in real estate, gold, stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies or HYIPs, it is important to understand that there is no risk-free transactions.

Zibb Company, for Zibb system’s commercial platform and Zibb Invest website, has developed a detailed statistical analysis of the most perspective areas for high-yield investment, full market analysis and an acceptable income, considering risks’ coverage.

The portfolio by areas with minimal risks and online expertise for each instrument allows to form legal support for each investor

  • smart contract fixes certain conditions, terms and the result of their implementation;
  • obligatory insurance of the entire volume of investment eliminates risks and circumstances where client may lose a part of his portfolio’s amount;
  • additional insurance of Zibb Coin’s cryptocurrency guarantees the investor the preservation of his capital if there is a decrease below 20% in Zibb Coin price trend.

Zibb Invest (zibbinvest.com) is a platform that allows to invest money profitably in a wide range of diversification using foreign market’s instruments in the most common areas. These are efficient and profitable operations that are based on two components: a detailed analysis of financial data and experience of professional investors.