Policy of using Zibb Mail Service

Upon registration, each access and / or actual use of a Zibb system’s service, the User agrees to the terms of this policy, general conditions of Zibb system’s use and general privacy policy of Zibb system’s services, as well as the terms of agreements, provisions and conditions of the services used by him, which are posted on the pages of institutional units (websites) operated by the private limited company Zibb, in revisions on the time of the services’ actual use.

The Zibb system provides the User, using a web interface and / or mobile interface and / or applications for personal computers and / or mobile applications and other tools, with the access to system services using a single registration through Zibb Mail and access through a shared account, in order to provide services and / or granting rights of use. The use of the institutional units (websites) of the Zibb system is free of charge, unless otherwise is stipulated by the general terms of the system’s use.

In order to use all websites of Zibb system or get the rights for using additional functional (software) opportunities of the services, the User should create an Account (Zibb Mail ID) by going through the registration procedure. The data for logging into the Account applies to all websites’ services, system’s services, confirming authorization using the Zibb Mail ID data, the User agrees with the terms of its implementation and the general terms of Zibb system’s use.

Registration is carried out by filling out the registration form in the Zibb Mail service. In the process of filling out the registration form, the User himself chooses the login and password required for the subsequent access to the User's Account, specifies the obligatory Credentials, minimum required for registration, as well as information that allows him to restore access to his Account.

The Zibb system and the Zibb Mail service cannot be responsible and guarantee the security of the User's Account in the following cases: if User transfers to third parties (intentionally or through negligence) the password and Credentials; access of third parties to the User's Account due to the use of forms located on external Internet sites to access the Services, using software tools that allow selection and / or decoding the password; access of third parties to the User's Account by simply guessing the password and Credentials; failure of the User to follow the recommendations of the Zibb Mail service. In some cases, in order to ensure more reliable security of the User's Account, the Zibb system provides protection by linking the Account to a mobile phone using Google Authenticator and PUSH notification.

As part of the Zibb Mail service, the User is provided with the functionality of sending mass SMS messages to his partners, which are in his special Zibb Mail partner tab. The functionality of the Zibb system stipulates that partners, registered through the User's affiliate link, are automatically added to his affiliate program, a separate sector in his Zibb Mail and an information channel in the Zibb Chat messenger.

The User shall not use the Zibb Mail services and Zibb system websites for:

  • downloading, sending, transferring or any other way of publishing any Materials containing viruses or other computer codes, files or programs designed to violate, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer or telecommunication equipment or programs for unauthorized access to computer systems, equipment or data of third parties, as well as serial numbers to commercial software products and programs for their generation, logins, passwords and other means for obtaining unauthorized access to paid resources on the Internet , as well as posting links to the above information;
  • reproducing, copying, collecting, organizing, storing, transferring information, placed in the Zibb system, using it in whole or in any part in any way, including for commercial purposes, in order to extract the database from the Zibb system, in the absence of the Zibb Company’s consent.

It is forbidden to use automated scripts (programs, bots, crawlers) to collect information and (or) interact with the system without the Zibb Company’s consent.

The Zibb Company carries out the current management of the Zibb system websites, independently determines their structure, appearance, allows or restricts User access to services if such persons violate the provisions of the general terms of using the services, and exercises other rights belonging to it.

The Zibb system management has the right to:

  • provide, within a reasonable time, technical and informational support to the User necessary to gain access to the services, work and functional use;
  • collect and process information about Users, including their personal data, in the manner and on the grounds specified in the Privacy Policy;
  • send messages (e-mail, sms and other types of mailings), advertising and information content to Users through the Zibb Mail service and / or third-party services, including from partners of the Zibb system, from whom the User has agreed to receive messages, as well as messages about the introduction of new or cancellation of old functions of the Services. The user has the right to refuse of advertising messages at any time;
  • carry out direct contacts with the User by means of communication (by phone, by e-mail or by other means) in order to receive information / comments from the User about the problems / questions on the Zibb system’s use, to eliminate errors in the work and further development/ improvement.

In case of the password’s loss for the account, created by the User on the Zibb Mail resource to access the Zibb system, such password can be restored by the User only in the ways provided.