Zibb is a multifunctional system with legal support in several jurisdictions. Management activities depend on the work directions of each institutional instrument of the system and in accordance with the legislative acts of the country where the Zibb Private limited company is registered.

Zibb Office GO is the instrument using which a client may realize a project on establishing Zibb Company’s information center in his residential country.

The Zibb Company Group of Office Managers directly manages and controls timelines and budget of Zibb Office during the planning phase. It also controls the functionality and organizational data of further activities.

In order to work in this direction you should:

  1. Contact the office manager and leave an application (summary of implementation) for consideration.

Financial management evaluates the following criteria: the region of development and the office’s location, the organization’s peculiarities, the socio-demographic and economic situation.

After approving the establishment of Zibb brand’s information center in the country / city, the office manager sends detailed recommendations and step-by-step instructions.

  1. Establishing a legal company of Zibb brand, in accordance with the law of the country of registration. The representative is the client (hereinafter the brand marketer), who acts as the organizer for the information part on behalf of the Zibb Company.

  2. Conclusion of the agreement on joint activity with the Zibb Company’s representative office.

  3. Assessment of the socio-demographic situation to draw up an organizational plan for personnel.

  4. Organization of premises’ lease or provision of an existing office center:

  • location of the office center, which is already available on the recommendation of a brand marketer;
  • opportunity to view the premises, available equipment and location parameters for approval by the Zibb Company’s office manager;
  • rent’s assessment act, provided by the lessor (upon request);
  • conclusion of a lease agreement and provision of the agreement’s copy to the head office of Zibb Company (upon request).

The assessment of the office center’s state and necessary equipment is carried out by the office manager: the finished office center or the premises offered for rent must be equipped with the necessary equipment and other tools for work.

  1. Providing data analysis for the implementation of the work plan and providing information services on the recommendation of the office manager. The main job descriptions for the information activity of the brand marketer:
  • analysis, segmentation of services’ consumers, individual approach to each application;
  • customer service by providing information in the office center, providing assistance in the information area online and contacting through other information channels 24/7.
  • knowledge of all technical, legal and financial characteristics of the system and Zibb products, for high-quality provision of services in the information area;
  • characterization and transmission of the mostly received requests to the main office for getting information;
  • organization of short forecasts for marketing development;
  • analysis and familiarization of the technical department with clients’ applications related to technical improvements of the Zibb system.

7.Definition of rewards for work:

The brand marketer receives payment for the provision of information services, in the form of a dedicated percentage (5%) of the entire Zibb system’s income, according to the information center’s geolocation.

Each user of the Zibb system, whose IP address is technically determined in the field of activity of the subsidiary Zibb structure, is a user of the information services of the office center and gets into the program for rewarding the brand marketer and his team.

Example: 1000 users are registered and operate in your city, the average invested result is $ 1000, the average weighted percentage of profitability per month (according to the fees and profitability’s percentage, as well as the fees for services set on the site) is 15%, thus the brand marketer earned $ 7500 per month.
The head of the Zibb brand’s subsidiary structure, with which a joint partnership contract has been concluded, can work as a Zibb Office GO program at the information center and provide information services, and distribute its affiliate marketing link to the affiliate program.

The principle of the selection of the IP addresses of the region, which are included in the system of earnings for the information centers:
The radius of active IP addresses of registered users with active activity, which is included in the profit calculation for the operation of the support center is indicated in this way - city and 50 kilometers from the city line.
Number of employees:
The number of employees is based on the activity of the data field. At the opening of the information center, three to four staff members and a supervisor are assumed to be the minimum.
With the expansion of the services sector in the region, the staff could be increased to 30.

Scope of activities of staff:
Providing information assistance by e-mail, which is relevant to your region. The Ticket (question-and-answer) calls that come through the IP address channels of your region and the provision of information services in the telephony mode.

Customer service mode:
The operating mode of the information center is defined by the time threshold from 10 am to 19 pm for each region, according to the time zone of the country.
This time refers to personal visits to clients for information and telephone calls.

Electronic operating time for information distribution and support (e-mail and chat rooms) remains active online 24/7. This means that the Chief of the Information Center will independently arrange the work mode in such a way that the electronic support is provided in a timely manner and the operator is always in touch with the client.

Profit accrual and percentage distribution:
The company retains 5% of the profit of the Zibb system’s clients (according to the IP address selection principle of the region in which each information center operates) and charges for the information centers.
Charging is done every day according to the server time of the system, in such a way:
0.6% - is credited to the personal purse of the curator and informative assistant of the head of the center, who works at the main Zibb company and is responsible for the operation of the information centers;
4.4% - is transferred to the personal purse of the representative of the Zibb brand (the head of the company in the region).
The profits that are made available to the manager are distributed as follows:

  • payment of bills and rent;
  • payment of staff salaries;
  • payment of the salary of a supervisor.
    The manager independently distributes income, fixes salaries and remuneration for employees.

According to the legislation of the country in which the Zibb brand company is registered for informational services, the head ensures the implementation of the laws of the tax code: preparation of reports, payment of taxes and other payments on employees' salaries.
Informs the main office of Zibb about all changes, appointments, payments and expenses during operation of the information center, once a month (each first day of the month).
Also, upon request, provides any necessary information to the curator of the region.

Zibb systems used for income generation and information centers:
Zibb Products - advertising media (paid product promotion orders);
Zibb Cloud - additional storage capacity (extra cloud storage);
Zibb Bank - Credit Deposit Services, Management Deposits (Profit from Clients' Income);
Zibb Invest - external investment (return on investment);
The Zibb Holder (zibbholder.com) is a storage and dividend system (with income received from the program).

Zibb systems that will be added to increase partners' profit (after completion, according to the road map development plan):
Internet shops - shopping in Zibb online shops;
Online casino - use of content/payment services;
Betting online - work with sports/pay bets;
Dating service - paid account services;
Play gaming (virtual games) - a paid service/money game;
Advertising portal - paid services/promotion in the TOP;
Video hosting - purchase of advertising/payment.