Modern electronic payment system Zibb Pay

Zibb Pay is an international payment provider that operates with large-scale payments’ receipt and sending. The cryptocurrency Zibb Coin, other cryptocurrencies and fiat money are used. Payment service Zibb Pay offers its services to merchants of small, medium and large businesses. The original software for fraud’s prevention and extended list of solutions for payment processing have been successfully developed.

Connecting the modern electronic payment system Zibb Pay system will greatly simplify the business and automate, to a large extent, financial flows. We constantly modernize our services, so all services are provided at a high level.

Accept payments online

The modern service from the Zibb Pay company allows to connect online stores and payment for services to the payment system and accept money from users from all over the world in the Zibb Coin cryptocurrency.

Using the Zibb Pay service to conduct any online business (store, website, games, etc.), you can quickly establish an instant process of receiving online payments from users. We propose to use advantages of the Zibb Coin cryptocurrency, such as instant transactions, micro fees, practicality and versatility. Security is the main component of all payment gateways, therefore Zibb Coin has been chosen as the acceptor of payments. Private limited company Zibb provides the scalability of the Zibb Coin cryptocurrency and simplifies the work for Zibb Pay acquiring’s clients

At Zibb Pay, we consider digital assets will determine the global financial system. Our clients choose Zibb Pay because they need services and solutions they can trust. The Zibb Pay solution is built on the strongest technology base in the industry, enabling Zibb Pay to provide clients with an integrated solution for Zibb Coin digital assets that reduces risks and optimizes capital’s performance.

Mass payouts

Mass online payouts is a modern solution that allows making payments to any number of recipients in a form convenient for both parties.
Using such Zibb Pay significantly simplifies the interaction of the company with its customers and partners (individuals). You can easily, quickly and reliably make regular batch payments in any cryptocurrency and fiat money, anywhere in the world. A multicurrency exchange is available to select the desired currency and system for withdrawal.


Convenience. The Zibb Coin cryptocurrency has no intermediaries, this provides anonymity and instant transfers.

Safety. We use special technologies that effectively protect any online operations.

Efficiency. Your client won’t spend time looking for the nearest bank terminal or payment system to transfer Zibb Coin, it is enough to create a Zibb Wallet ( in the application via Android, iOS and make a transfer.

Simplicity. Clients of absolutely any bank in the world who have a MasterCard, VISA or any cryptocurrency wallet can use our services to withdraw funds.


Private limited company Zibb does not charge direct payment for its services - we make a profit by deducting a fee from the amount of transfers and payments. The size of the commission is determined individually and is specified in the contract. In the event that you need bank details of our company, our manager can provide them.

Preparation for software’s installation for processing and exchanging cryptocurrencies. In order to successfully install the software, you should fulfill several prerequisites:

  • you should have a technical base on which the software will be installed.
  • we can also provide individualization of your solution, precise adjustment to your needs.

The process of entering a transaction in the Zibb Coin cryptocurrency and withdrawing in other cryptocurrencies takes only a few seconds, as well as the exchange operations are provided in an automatic mode. Fiat withdrawal is focused on requesting a secure page and placing an order (transaction data: credit card number, date, CVV code) are encrypted and sent to the payment processor through the gateway. The payment processor contacts the bank which issued the credit card and receives feedback confirming or rejecting the transaction. The response is then sent to the payment gateway, which forwards it to your site. Finally, the information is interpreted and an appropriate response is generated. If the deal is approved, the seller fulfills the order.

From security to financial services

Zibb Pay is focused on interacting with customers, partners and regulators to deliver innovative security, storage and liquidity solutions. Safety and security are always our primary responsibility.

Zibb Pay suits all types of clients as a regulated qualified custodian and can ensure the true serenity, that digital assets and electronic money require. We provide standards such as the Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS) and SOC2, as well as work with the most trusted brands in the industry to offer clients the most extensive insurance available on the market today.