Zibb System Affiliate Program

In order to increase the number of clients of the Zibb system and capitalize the Zibb Company, an affiliate program has been created that allows everyone to receive a reward for attracting new clients (referrals).

Zibb Partner (zibbpartner.com) is an extensive affiliate program site.

Absolutely any client of the system of commercial projects (websites) of the Zibb system, who has passed the registration procedure on the official website, can start affiliate activity and thereby receive a reward for attracting new clients to the system.

The Affiliate program combines all financial instruments, institutional units (websites) and other intellectual property owned by the Zibb Company and that is a part of the Zibb system.

When a partner uses one of the Zibb system’s services, the referrer receives income from the affiliate program, considering instruments:

Zibb Holder (zibbholder.com) - storage and dividend system (from the income received under the program);

Zibb Bank (zibbank.com) - commercial B2B lending and deposit system (with fees for lending services);

Zibb Invest (zibbinvest.com) - a platform for external investments (from the income received from investments);

Zibb Сloud (zibbcloud.com) - cloud storage (with payments for increasing disk capacity);

Zibb Products (zibbads.com) - a service for creating and placing advertisements (from promotion budget).

After registering on the website zibbmail.com, access to all services of the Zibb system is available through a common account using a single registration via Zibb Mail. After registration, each client automatically receives his personal code and link in the partner section of his personal account.

A referral is a client of the Zibb system who registered having used an agent (partner) link. The referral program is aimed at rewarding partners for attracting new clients to the Zibb system. In their turn, company’s partners should provide their referrals with consulting and informational assistance.
The developers of the multifunctional Zibb system have provided partners with the opportunity to communicate and consult in their own channel of the messenger Zibb Chat (zibbchat.com), which is part of the system. Referral partners automatically, using the affiliate link, get into the personal channel of their referrer, located in Zibb Chat. The Zibb Chat channel provides collective communication, video and personal communication of partners. We also enable the mass mailing in Zibb Mail (zibbmail.com) - an electronic mail service, where all partners are gathered in one section.

A potential client, having followed any partner link to commercial projects (websites) of the Zibb system, will secure the partner code, which will be displayed in the event of registration.

A referral will be assigned to a partner only if the correct partner code has been specified in the “Partner Code” during registration. The affiliate link is intended to facilitate the process of attaching the affiliate code to a potential client, but does not guarantee that the referral has not previously followed other referral links, deleted or changed the affiliate code during registration.

After registering a new referral, it will be displayed in the partner's personal account in the list of inactive referrals. Once the referral starts to carry out any activity, he will appear in the list of active referrals with active accruals.

Changing a referral by partner

Applications for changing a partner are considered by the management of Zibb Company exclusively on an individual basis. Thus, the client should send a letter to the company's e-mail with a request to change a partner having indicated a good reason for changing a partner.

Please pay attention! If the management of Zibb Private limited company approves the partner change’s procedure, the current partner's explicit consent will be required to transfer his referral to another partner. However, this condition may not apply if there are significant reasons for changing a partner (refusal to provide information services, consultations, etc.).