Zibb Risk - functions of Zibb Coin cryptocurrency’s insurance system

Insurance of the Zibb Coin cryptoasset against volatility is one of the types of material assets’ insurance. Zibb Risk is designated for protecting financial interests of a client from depreciation risks.

In any civilized market, insurance has always been an important instrument that has offered the parties guarantees of reliability. Zibb Company provides a reliable structure for Zibb Risk insurance, where insurance payments may significantly eliminate undesirable circumstances and cover the risks associated with market’s increased volatility. The Zibb Coin cryptocurrency has an individual blockless ledger, computer software that controls transactions of digital currency’s assets between the parties, considering a number of conditions, according to a smart contract. This ensures the reliability of the Contract terms’ fulfillment and increases the extent of control over data, automatic encryption and storage in a distributed ledger.

Zibb Coin is developed with a limited one-time emission, which is an important advantage for digital money and almost completely excludes a nosedive in their quotes due to the excess of supply over demand.

However, insurance from Zibb Company remains a priority instrument for protecting client assets against possible unpredictable risks, most investors will be interested in guarantees and protection of their assets against negative changes in exchange rates. Therefore, Zibb Coin increases its investment attractiveness, due to the coverage of losses in case of a possible price drop, in the equivalent of insurance compensation.
Insurance of the Zibb Coin cryptocurrency using the Zibb Risk service is an “intelligent” insurance smart contract with individual floating conditions, where the investor preserves his capital if there is a decrease, below 20%, in the price trend. The client may opt insurance only if he participates in a specific investment program of Zibb system and has an investment smart contract. Asset’s insurance in Zibb Risk stipulated the period that the client chooses independently:

  • 30 days - insurance cost is 2% of the insured amount;
  • 60 days – insurance cost is 4% of the insured amount;
  • 90 days - insurance cost is 6% of the insured amount;
  • 180 days – insurance cost is 9% of the insured amount;
  • 270 days - insurance cost is 12% of the insured amount.

The amount of payment for an insured event is calculated in the equivalent from 1% to 80% and depends on the risk coefficient, which fixes the amount of insurance coverage when the price of a cryptocurrency falls.

The client receives insurance compensation if at the time of expiring an investment smart contract and receipt of income for the period of work, the price trend of the crypto asset has fallen below the declared mark and an insured event has occurred.

Zibb Coin cryptocurrency is used in the circulation of Zibb system, it is involved in all products and financial instruments, therefore, the insurance (Zibb Risk) is a necessary legal regulation in the conditions of increased risks and lower pricing policy. In order to establish a product on the market, it is necessary to set the stability for a consumer and eliminate all possible business risks.

By providing our user-centered platform as an extensive mechanism of various services, we strive for an optimal response to needs, including insurance of the Zibb Coin cryptoasset, in order to eliminate risks and increase stability.