Financial Statistics Tasks of Zibb System

At the present stage of business, the role of company finances’ statistics is significantly important. The peculiarities of finances’ statistics are that, owing to finances, funds are distributed and used for the production process’ and other needs.

Finances play a key role for the Zibb Company, in the distribution of the profit gained in the areas of institutional products (websites) of the Zibb system. When all financial processes of the Zibb system are presented in the form of quantitative statistical indicators, they become defined and meaningful characteristics of management.

Zibb Stats ( uses various mathematical methods and techniques to analyze a particular situation in the field of finances and make necessary conclusions. Therefore, we may say that Zibb Stats plays an invaluable role for a generalized financial instrument with a full-fledged ecosystem, where the full analysis and timely accounting are required.

Zibb Stats implies full control of all indicators, balances and income of the entire Zibb system, including the instruments (websites): Zibb Browser, Zibb Mail, Zibb Coin, Zibb Protocol, Zibb Wallet, Zibb Risk, Zibb Holder, Zibb Bank, Zibb Trade, Zibb Pay, Zibb Exchange, Zibb Invest, Zibb Partner, Zibb Chat, Zibb Cloud, Zibb Products.

Summary, grouping (classification)

Materials that contain data for each unit and in aggregate. The purpose of Zibb Stats is to arrange these financial indicators and to provide a voluminous financial summary that includes a grouping of all necessary data.


We use the method of economic indices, which is the most common and most important instrument of financial research for the Zibb system, when characterizing such important processes as changes in the volume of assets, changes in pricing policy, changes in the investment and banking field (lending, insurance, other financial intermediary activities ). In its turn, dynamic indicators allow to assess exactly how the financial areas of the Zibb system develop.

The financial data’s resources of the entire Zibb system, including the instruments (websites) mentioned above, are formed from the services provided, the obligations assumed and fulfilled. For the Zibb system’s Users, Zibb Stats is presented in view of clear tables with indicators of each structure’s profitability in a summary and separately by areas, in online mode. The user sees all the financial statistics of the Zibb system in the public access, has the information of the total and net income of the Zibb Company, from which he receives his profit, in accordance with the current obligations.