By accessing or using the websites, institutional units owned by the Private limited company Zibb and which are part of the Zibb system and any services available through these websites (hereinafter referred to as "services"), you (the "user") agree to be associated of these Zibb Terms of Use ("rules"). The Services are owned and controlled by the Private limited company Zibb ("Zibb Company") and all subsidiaries of Zibb Company’s partners, and the terms "we, our or ours" refer to these companies If you do not agree with these rules, they limit your legal rights and obligations, promptly refuse to use the Zibb system’s services.

The Zibb Company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of these rules, including but not limited to any website policy or directive, at any time and in its discretion. We will provide notice of these changes by placing the revised rules on the website and changing the date at the top part of the rules. These changes will be applied at this moment to all current and future uses of the services. Your subsequent use of the services constitutes acceptance of such changes.


Zibb Company provides a multifunctional system, in the context of individual websites, with its own infrastructure, which allows users to receive various information and use extensive financial services.

The Zibb system includes the following institutional units (websites): Zibb Browser, Zibb Mail, Zibb Coin, Zibb Protocol, Zibb Wallet, Zibb Risk, Zibb Holder, Zibb Bank, Zibb Trade, Zibb Pay, Zibb Exchange, Zibb Invest, Zibb Partner, Zibb Chat, Zibb Cloud, Zibb Products, Zibb Stats.
New products of the Zibb system, defined in the development map, will be elaborated and added during the process of capitalization and expanding of Zibb Company.



For the purposes of this agreement, the following terms apply to the Zibb system’s Terms of Use, which are defined below as:

Company (Zibb Company): Private limited company Zibb

Zibb system: institutional units (websites), operated by the main companies: Private limited company Zibb, Malta and Estonia, its subsidiaries and / or successors, provide services on the global computer network and are located at:, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Law: Law on the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing of December 19, 2007, entered into force on January 1, 2014.

User: an individual or legal entity who is registered in the Zibb system.

Account: electronic wallet, account-application in the system, registered in the name of the User.

Authentication: An authentication procedure that allows the Zibb Company to confirm that a connection has been made by the user using electronic credentials.

Pricelist: a list of fees associated with all transactions and operations in the Zibb system.

Electronic Identity: user ID, password, and user access code provide the secure authentication.

Applications: all applications available for Windows, Mac OS Android, iOS, as well as wallets for download.

Verification: procedures performed by Zibb Company to receive and process a set of documents from the user confirming the user's occupation and identity or the identity of user’s authorized persons, as well as describing the user's activity.

Financial and liquidity services are provided by Zibb Company under the license from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. Zibb Company is governed by the laws of Malta and Estonia and the laws of the countries in which the subsidiaries are registered.

Registration and account

In order to access and use all services of the Zibb system, the client must create an account or a single account for accessing all websites in the Zibb Mail (, hereinafter (“access account”).

The client agrees to:

  • provide accurate, current and complete information when creating an account;
  • maintain and promptly update the account’s information to keep it accurate, complete and relevant;
  • ensure the security and confidentiality of login credentials and restrict access to the account, computer or mobile device;
  • immediately notify the Zibb system’s administration if there are detected or suspected any security’s breaches associated with websites, and take responsibility for all activities that occur with the account and accept all risks of unauthorized access.


These rules govern the relationships between Zibb Company, its subsidiaries and successors, and the user of the Zibb system. By entering into business relationships with Zibb Company, having registerered with the Zibb system, the user confirms that he\she is familiar with the present rules, agrees with the conditions and acknowledges them as obligatory. This agreement with the rules is unified for the whole Zibb system, controlled mechanisms, users of websites and the services they use.

The subject of the present rules is the services’ provision by the Zibb system to the User, on the respective platforms and in the format set forth on each of the platforms. Zibb system websites provide services in accordance with the main activity of the business area, technical and financial characteristics, which are the main functionality for these platforms:

⁃ Zibb Browser ( - extensive search engine;
⁃ Zibb Mail ( - electronic mail service;
⁃ Zibb Coin ( - cryptocurrency;
⁃ Zibb Protocol ( - Zibb Coin transaction processing service;
⁃ Zibb Wallet ( - Zibb Coin web wallet;
⁃ Zibb Risk ( - Zibb Coin cryptocurrency insurance service;
⁃ Zibb Holder ( – dividends and storage system;
⁃ Zibb Bank ( - commercial B2B lending and deposit system;
⁃ Zibb Trade ( - platform for trading and exchanging digital assets;
⁃ Zibb Pay ( - payment provider (merchant acquiring);
⁃ Zibb Exchange ( - electronic exchange service;
⁃ Zibb Invest ( - platform for external investments;
⁃ Zibb Partner ( - site of an extensive partner program;
⁃ Zibb Chat ( - messenger application;
⁃ Zibb Сloud ( - cloud storage;
⁃ Zibb Products ( - service for creating and placing ads;
⁃ Zibb Stats ( - organised open accounting of financial activity’s automatic processes.


The main login to the multifunctional Zibb system is carried out by launching a web browser and opening the home page of the Zibb Browser server (at, through a single access account to the system in Zibb Mail (

For the authentication procedure in the Zibb system through a single account, a username, password and verification code are required. PUSH notification to a mobile phone or, when connected to the system via Google Authenticator, a verification code is generated in the Google Authenticator’s program.

All official messages (requests, notifications and other information addressed to the User) are sent to the personal email account Zibb Mail (

This agreement with the rules for using the Zibb system’s services is offered on the terms of a public offer and is placed on the Internet on the Zibb system’s home page. The rules are deemed agreed upon the acceptance of the offer by the user. The Zibb Company and the user acknowledge that filling out the online registration form for using the Zibb system’s services is considered as the offer’s acceptance (acceptance by the user of the Zibb Company’s offer, agreement and acceptance of the rules).

Acceptance of these rules is the unconditional and complete acceptance of all conditions by the user without any changes and (or) additions on his part.

Depending on the user's place of residence, not all services offered by Zibb Company may be available to the user.

Zibb Company reserves the right to refuse in cooperation with the user without giving any reason.

Zibb Company reserves the right to conduct additional verification procedures when entering into business relationship with a user.

If the user has not been personally identified by the Zibb Company’s representative and if the authenticity of submitted documents for service in the Zibb system is not verified with the originals by the Zibb Company’s representative, Zibb Company reserves the right to additional procedures of the user’s verification.

Zibb Company conducts additional user’s verification procedures, as well as in-depth primary and periodic analysis of residents, whose countries are included in the OFAC, FATF lists, as well as users who are politically exposed.


Zibb Browser is an extensive search engine.

Zibb Mail is an electronic mail service.

Zibb Cloud is a cloud storage.

Your privacy

We care about your privacy. The Privacy Policy describes what types of data we collect when we receive it from you and your devices (hereinafter “Data”), how we use your data and what legal grounds we rely on when processing your data.

Your content

The Zibb Browser service allows you to store or send your content or receive materials from others. We do not claim ownership of your content. Your content remains yours and you are responsible for it.


Together with the search engine, Zibb contains all the services that are usually included into social applications, e.g. Zibb News, Zibb Trends, Zibb Maps and Zibb Wallpaper Gallery, and others. It has a built-in Financial module with the extensive analytics and information from the entire global financial sector. With the help of the accessible interface and search filters, you can get acquainted with useful information as highly targeted blogs, channels, forums, other sites and recommendations in the field of finances.

Zibb Mail allows you to open a personal email’s account and get access to all Zibb system’s institutional units (websites), useful and unique features and search results. The panel settings are quite extensive, so you can customize the application as you like.

Zibb Cloud – the possibility to increase memory space, using voluminous additional cloud storage, in addition to documents, tables, presentations, it supports files of more than 100 types, including PDF, CAD and others.

It has its own version for iOS, Android devices. The search options are wide and varied, just like the traditional browser versions. One of the app’s main advantages is its ease of use. Open it and you will see a background image and a search bar. This app records each of your searches, whether it is text or voice, so you have a complete history of all your recent stories.


By placing user information in the Zibb Browser, Zibb Mail ID, the user automatically, gratuitously and unconditionally grants the Zibb system with the exclusive right to use his transfer’s option throughout the world and without time limit on websites at the discretion. The user confirms that he has appropriate rights and power to grant the specified rights for their use.

The indexing of websites and pages, as well as the formation (ordering) of search results within the service is carried out automatically in accordance with the relevance’s established criteria, which can be changed to improve the quality of the search at the discretion of Zibb Browser.

Zibb Browser does not track, control, pre-moderate or censor the indexed websites and search results across blogs and forums.

While providing the service, Zibb Browser does not give any preferences, does not express its attitude to the content of websites and pages, any information, and indexing in no way means any support of opinions, points of view, statements contained in blogs and forums.

The search results in the Financial module are presented within the Zibb Browser as objectively and completely as possible with the automatic indexing of financial sites and pages located on the open part of the Internet, and in accordance with the frequency of reindexing by a specially configured search engine.

Zibb Browser, without contradicting the above mentioned, reserves the right (but not the obligation), at its discretion, to independently decide which website should and which should not be included in the Financial module search base, as well as questions about the exclusion of the website, pages from the search base.

Adding to the financial search module is available independently, using the special form, information checking and indexing for appearing, in the search base, the websites, pages that are open and accessible when following the link and indexing of which is not prohibited.
The user has access to the functions of evaluating the organisations’ services, as well as posting comments / reviews and / or services of Zibb Browser’s partners. User rates and reviews are posted on the site and may be available on third-party sites.

Zibb Browser does not check and / or control the information and does not guarantee the authenticity, accuracy, completeness and quality of information, including its compliance with the Legislation and observance of third parties’ rights. Zibb Browser is not responsible for the information under any circumstances. The user must independently assess all risks associated with the information’s use, including an assessment of the reliability, completeness or usefulness of this information, as well as its compliance with the Legislation. Any disputes, questions, claims related to the content, form, distribution, other use of information should be addressed to the partners of Zibb Browser who own the relevant information.

Zibb Coin ( – cryptocurrency.

Zibb Protocol ( –service for Zibb Coin transactions’ processing.

Zibb Wallet ( –Zibb Coin web wallet.

Zibb Coin is a cryptocurrency with customizable software. A digital asset characterized by topological sorting in the ledger and full decentralization. System’s participants have equal rights, that excludes the possibility of negative influence from the state or company. Zibb Protocol (DAG ledger) is used not only for transactions’ execution, but also for making money by connecting for power delivery and trading.

The Zibb Wallet’s desktop is software that is installed and used on a computer; this type of wallets gives you full control over your keys and funds.
Mobile Zibb Wallet functions the same way as the desktop wallet, but is designed specifically as a smartphone app. It allows you to send and receive cryptocurrency using QR codes.

Private Keys

You are solely responsible for the private keys we provide to you or that you generate for your Zibb Wallet. This software works like a free digital wallet with the open initial code and several signatures. The software is not an account in which we or other third parties act as financial intermediaries or custodians of your Zibb Coin cryptocurrency.

You agree to maintain the secure backup copies of all your private keys and any passwords you use to encrypt them. You will prevent unauthorized access to your personal account of Zibb Wallet, Zibb Coin’s services or its use, and you will promptly notify us of any unauthorized access or use.

You will notify us, as soon as possible, of any security breach of your system, network or applications of Zibb Wallet, Zibb Coin, Zibb Protocol’s developers, so we could be aware of such event. You will cooperate with us in investigating any suspected unauthorized access to or use of your account using credentials or private keys, or any security’s breach of your account, network or developers’ apps, and provide us with the results of any investigations you conduct.


Buying or selling Zibb Coin. You may purchase Zibb Coin using supported digital and fiat currencies credited to your wallet.

Replenishment. You can add funds to your account using one of the payment methods available in the Zibb system, for example, credit or debit card, cryptocurrency (your Zibb Wallet will show the downloaded Zibb Coins as soon as the operation of purchase and replenishment is completed). Zibb Wallet is not a deposit or investment account, which means that Zibb Coin, stored in the Zibb Wallet, does not bring any interest.

Account information. You will be able to see your wallet balance and transactions’ history, including: the amount (and currency) of each Zibb Coin’s purchase, the payer and / or recipient identification (as applicable), any fees charged (including a breakdown of fees) in case of currency exchange, the exchange rate and the amount (in new currency) after the exchange (if you are the payer) or the amount (in the original currency) before the exchange (if you are the recipient), the debit or credit’s date of each Zibb Coin purchase (as applicable).

Zibb Pay ( - payment provider (merchant acquiring).

Zibb Exchange ( - electronic exchange service.

Zibb Trade ( - platform for trading and exchanging digital assets.

Agreement with the rules of using Zibb Pay platform (

The Zibb Pay payment system is a software product that is a mechanism for accounting monetary and / or other obligations, payment for goods and services on the Internet, as well as the organization of mutual settlements between its users.

Developer’s approval

Based on the information you provide to us when you open an account, you get access to the Zibb Pay Platform API ( in the developer’s app.

The protocol will allow integrating the website with Zibb Pay and automatic accepting Zibb Coin using the Zibb Protocol’s blockless ledger (, exchanging for other cryptocurrencies available for exchange, automatic withdrawal of available cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

Monitoring of reliability

The API of Zibb Pay Platform is designed to help you improve and protect your developer’s apps. You agree that Zibb Pay may monitor the API’s use of Zibb Pay Platform to ensure quality, improve products and services, monitor and eliminate discrepancies while using API of the Zibb Pay Platform, and verify your compliance with this agreement. This monitoring may include access to and use of your developer’s application, for example, to identify security issues that may affect services or our users. You won’t interfere with this monitoring. We may use any technical means to eliminate such interferences. We may suspend access to the API of the Zibb Pay Platform for you or your developer’s application without notice if we reasonably believe you violates this Agreement. You will allow us to verify the configuration and settings related to the API of the Zibb Pay platform and securing your developer’s applications.


You acknowledge that the use of digital assets, their networks and protocols involves serious risks. It is your duty to learn about all the risks associated with digital assets, their protocols and networks. Even though Zibb Pay warns you about some risks associated with digital assets, their protocols and networks, Zibb Pay is not responsible for warning you about all of these risks.

Provision of services

For subscriptions ordered, Zibb Pay will use commercially reasonable efforts to:

  • make the API of the Zibb Pay platform available to you in accordance with the terms of our service level;
  • make Zibb Pay wallets available to your account via the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • provide you with our standard support at no additional fee. All services we offer are provided "as is" and to the extent available.

Zibb Pay is a processor for payments in cryptocurrencies and other electronic assets. Zibb Pay allows you to accept Zibb Coin cryptocurrency as payment for goods or services and process the exchange into different cryptocurrencies and get automatic withdrawal in different electronic money. Services are available to companies and individuals who sell a product or services. By using Zibb Pay, you authorize us to act as your agent so that we could receive, store and distribute funds on your behalf, and take any actions that we deem necessary to provide services and comply with applicable laws.
Services’ restrictions

Zibb Pay, at its sole discretion, sets and enforces restrictions on your use of the services. You agree and will not attempt to bypass such documented restrictions. Zibb Pay may delay signing any transaction it deems suspicious or, possibly, is the result of a security breach. Zibb Pay makes no promises or guarantees as to the time it will take for Zibb Pay to sign such transactions and will not be liable for delays or refusals to sign such transactions.
Clients’ data protection

We will maintain administrative, physical and technical safety measures to protect the security, confidentiality and integrity of the clients’ Data as described in the Documentation. These security measures will include, but not limited to, measures to prevent access, use, alteration or disclosure of Clients’ Data by our personnel and subcontractors, except:

  • services provision, prevention and solution of service or technical problems;
  • in accordance with the present Agreement and our relevant Privacy Policy;
  • in accordance with the law or with your explicit written permission.

Zibb Coin Protocol

Zibb Pay neither owns nor controls the basic programming protocol Zibb Protocol (, which is based on the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) platform and manages Zibb Pay transactions. You acknowledge and agree that Zibb Pay is not responsible for the basic protocol’s work and does not provide any guarantees for their functionality, security or availability. You can find out all the individualities of the blockless ledger’s work at

Fees and payments

Fees. You pay all service fees. Payment commitments are non-cancellable and commissions paid are non-refundable. You will provide us with complete and accurate billing and contact information and notify us of any changes to such information.

Network fees. Zibb Pay's recurring fees indicated on an order do not include any fees or charges that may be incurred as a result of the network protocols associated with its digital assets. Such fees can be significant. These fees may change at any time and are out of our control. You are solely responsible for the knowledge and understanding of such network related fees and deductions. You are solely responsible for paying all such network fees. You agree to reimburse Zibb Pay for all such fees, you agree that Zibb Pay may withhold such fees or deductions directly from your wallet’s balance or transactions’ amounts.


Our levies do not include taxes, fees, duties or similar government charges of any nature collected by any jurisdiction (collectively, "Taxes"). You are responsible for paying all taxes, associated with your purchases, under this Agreement. For clarity, we are solely responsible for taxes that are charged against us based on our income, assets and employees (“Zibb Pay Taxes”).

Licenses and ownership

License for services. If you fulfill your obligations under this Agreement, Zibb Pay grants you a non-transferable, revocable, personal and non-exclusive license in accordance with our applicable intellectual property rights to use the services you have ordered, the guidelines and policies referred to in this Agreement, the Documentation in the API of the Zibb Pay platform.

The Privacy Policy and the AML & KYC Policy, published on the website, are integral parts of this Agreement.

Agreement with the terms of using the service for exchanging electronic currencies Zibb Exchange (

Subject of the Agreement

The subject of the present Agreement is providing the user with the services for exchanging digital and electronic currencies via the Zibb Exchange.

Procedure for services provision

The order of the Zibb Exchange services is carried out by the user via submitting an application on the website

The Zibb Exchange service executes requests on an irrevocable basis in accordance with the terms of the payment system.

The Zibb Exchange service does not require verification that the sender and recipient of funds, involved into transaction, are the same person, Zibb
Exchange is not a party in the relationships between the sender and recipient of funds or electronic currency.

The Zibb Exchange Service does not verify the eligibility and legality of the user's possession of electronic currencies and / or funds involved in a particular transaction.

Having used the Zibb Exchange services, the user confirms that he legally owns and disposes of the funds and electronic currency involved in the relevant payment.

The user undertakes to independently calculate and pay all taxes required by the tax legislation of the user's location.
Taking care of the services’ quality provided to users, the Zibb Exchange Service undertakes to perform all actions, within the framework of this Agreement, as quickly as possible.

Cost of services

The cost of Zibb Exchange services is set by management and posted on

Zibb Exchange has the right to independently change the exchange rates of electronic currencies and charged fees at any time unilaterally, of which it notifies the service’s by posting corresponding information on

The request created by the user on the website indicates the rate, the fee’s amount, charged for the transaction, the amount of Zibb Exchange fees, as well as the total amount of funds or electronic currency transferred.

Electronic currency exchange

The user undertakes to transfer (transfer) the original currency, in the amount specified in the application, and the Zibb Exchange service undertakes to transfer to the user the resulting currency, calculated at the rate and in accordance with the tariffs.

The amount of fees for the Zibb Exchange services is reflected in the application and is confirmed by the user by clicking the "Next" button on one of the pages of the user interface when placing an application.

The obligation of the Zibb Exchange Service to transfer electronic currency to the User is considered fulfilled at the time the electronic currency is debited from the account, which is recorded in the transactions’ history.

The Zibb Exchange Service has the right to suspend the operation and withhold the user's funds in order to prevent fraudulent and other actions that can cause financial and reputational losses for the Service or the user.

The Zibb Exchange service has the right to set financial and quantitative limits on transactions. The information on limits is available on

Entry into force of the Agreement

The present Agreement is considered to be concluded on the terms of a public offer, accepted by the user in the course of placing the application.

The User accepts a public offer when he\she completes the application’s formation, confirming his\her intention to use the Zibb Exchange services on the terms described in this Agreement and specified in the application.

The agreement comes into force from the moment the user completes the application’s formation.
Responsibility of the Parties

The Zibb Exchange service is liable to the user in an amount not exceeding the amount of money or electronic currency entrusted by the user.

The Zibb Exchange service provides services only for exchanging digital and electronic currencies. Zibb Exchange does not in any way accept payment in favor of any third parties, and also prohibits exchange for wallets / accounts that do not belong to the user. Zibb Exchange does not enter into any partnership relations, does not enter into any agreements with recipients of payments for its goods or services, but is categorically against such relations. Zibb Exchange cannot be used as an intermediate service for mutual settlements between the buyer and the seller (customer and contractor, etc.). Zibb Exchange is not responsible for the user's losses incurred as a result of illegal actions of third parties.

The user is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information specified by him\her when filling out the application. If the user has not specified or incorrectly specified the data, the Zibb Exchange Service is not responsible for the user's losses incurred as a result of the error.

Information on the operation is stored in the service’s database and is the primary source that the Parties to the agreement are guided by in disputable situations.

The Parties are exempt from liability for full or partial failure to fulfill their obligations under the Agreement, if such failure was the result of force majeure’s circumstances that arose after the entry into force of the Agreement, as a result of extraordinary events that could not be foreseen and prevented by reasonable measures.

The Zibb Exchange service has the right, in the event of suspicious actions during the application’s registration by the user, in order to avoid damage from hacker attacks, to suspend the execution of such operations until such actions’ reasons are clarified.

Agreement with the terms of using the services of the Technological platform for trading and exchanging digital assets Zibb Trade (


"Crypto assets" means those types of assets that can only and exclusively be transferred using chain technology and ledgers, including but not limited to digital coins and digital tokens and any other type of digital medium of exchange, with full and complete exemption from any securities.

“Market Value” means the price position applicable to any particular crypto asset, which the Zibb Trade Technology Platform determines at its sole discretion.

"Trade" should be understood as the exchange of one crypto assets’ type, belonging to one user of the Zibb Trade account, for another crypto asset’s type, owned by the same or another user of the Zibb Trade account, under the terms set by the exchanging parties.

"Transfer", for the purposes of this document, means a record of the deposit’s transaction, withdrawal and / or trading crypto asset using Zibb Trade account of the user, which is technically executed by Zibb Trade in accordance with a user's request for the deposit / withdrawal or trade order.

Warranties and obligations

The precondition is that Zibb Trade services are provided only to those who are allowed to enter into legally binding relationships. Therefore, if for any reason you cannot enter into legally binding relationships - do not use the Zibb Trade services.

You also state and warrant that you:

  • have reached the age of 18 years or have reached another majority in accordance with your jurisdiction;
  • have the full right to enter into these legal relations and thereby not violate any other legal relations;
  • use the Zibb Trade Technology Platform with your email and for your own benefit and do not act on behalf and / or in the interests of any other person;
  • ensure that the crypto assets that you transfer to the Zibb Trade Technology Platform are not sold, encumbered, in conflict or under arrest, and that there are no third party rights to your crypto assets either;
  • are not politically exposed persons (PEP), family members or close partners of PEP. In the event that Zibb Trade determines that a Technology Platform User is a PEP (as well as a family member or close partner of a PEP), Zibb Trade reserves the right to close that User's Zibb Trade account. It will discontinue the use immediately if the user is the resident of a state or region where transactions and trading are prohibited or require special approval, authorization of any kind (any state, country or other jurisdiction embargoed by the United States of America). A jurisdiction in which local applicable law prohibits, due to your nationality, residence, citizenship, religion or otherwise, access or use of the Zibb Trade platform’s services (collectively, “Limited Jurisdiction”).

Zibb Trade reserves the right to close any of your accounts, liquidate any open trading positions, force you to withdraw all crypto assets from the Zibb Trade Technology Platform in the event that:

Zibb Trade determines that you access the platform from any limited jurisdiction, or you have provided false information regarding your location, institution, citizenship or place of residence. For the purposes of this clause, "Applicable Law" refers to all applicable laws of any state authority, including but not limited to federal, state and foreign laws.

By accessing or using the Zibb Trade Technology Platform, you also represent, agree and warrant that you will not:

  • use the Zibb Trade Technology Platform to pay, support or otherwise participate in any illegal gambling; fraud; laundering of money; or terrorist activity; or any other illegal activity;
  • use any robot, spider, crawler, scraper or other automated means or interface not provided by us to access Zibb Trade or to retrieve data;
  • use or try to use another user’s account without authorization;
  • develop any third-party applications that interact with the Zibb Trade technology platform, without our prior written consent;
  • provide false, inaccurate or misleading information.
    Disclosure of risks

In accordance with our internal policy, Zibb Trade provides services only to users with sufficient experience, knowledge and understanding of the trading platform’s principles, as well as those who are fully aware of the associated risks.

You acknowledge and agree that you access and use the Zibb Trade Technology Platform at your own risk:

  • you may lose cryptoassets in your Zibb Trade account, and, in some cases, you may suffer losses;
  • in certain market conditions, it may be difficult or impossible for you to close a position. It may happen, for example, when the market reaches the daily limit of price fluctuations (“limit movement”) and there is not enough liquidity in the market.
  • placing conditional orders such as stop loss or stop limit orders will not necessarily limit your losses to target amounts, as market conditions may make it impossible to execute such orders.
  • all positions on crypto assets are associated with risk, and the position with the “spread” can be no less risky than an open “long” or “short” position.
  • using leverage can work against you as well as for you, and may lead to both large losses and profits.
  • all the points noted above apply to all cryptoassets. However, this brief statement cannot disclose all the risks and other aspects associated with trading cryptoassets and shall not deem as professional advice.

Risks associated with the blockchain protocol and other cryptocurrency ledgers. Zibb Trade technology platform, in the course of providing services, is related to protocols and ledgers. Any failure, unintended function may cause malfunction of the Zibb Trade Technology, in an unexpected or unintended manner. You acknowledge and agree that Zibb Trade does not control any cryptocurrency network and you understand all risks associated with the use of any network of cryptoassets, including, but not limited to, the risk of unknown vulnerabilities or unforeseen changes to any network protocol. We are not responsible for any damage resulting from such risks.

Balance protection

We are endeavor to protect your balances from unauthorized access, use or waste. We use a variety of physical and technical measures to protect our systems and your crypto and digital assets. By sending your funds to the Zibb Trade account, you trust and give us the right to ultimately make decisions on the security of your crypto and other assets.

Special conditions

There is no financial commitment. You fully agree that the Zibb Trade Technology Platform will under no circumstances be obliged to provide or continue to provide you with any margin funds.

Cancellation. You may only cancel a transfer request initiated through the Zibb Trade technology platform if such cancellation occurs before Zibb Trade completes the transfer. Once your transfer request has been completed, you cannot change, revoke or cancel your Zibb Trade authorization to perform such transfer. If a trade order has been partially fulfilled, you can cancel the outstanding balance if the order was not related to the trade at the market price. Zibb Trade may, in its sole discretion, cancel a trade under certain extraordinary conditions, but the client has no right to cancel the trade.

Limitation of obligations

You acknowledge that the information you store or transmit through Zibb Trade may be irretrievably lost, damaged or temporarily unavailable for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to software crashes, protocol changes by third-party providers, internet outages, force majeure and other disasters, including third parties’ DDOS attacks, planned or unplanned maintenance, or other causes within or outside our control. You are solely responsible for backing up and maintaining duplicates of any information that you store or transmit through our services.

Zibb Trade is not responsible for:

  • any inaccuracy, error, delay or omission of any information, transmission or delivery of information;
  • any loss or damage arising from force majeure.

The User has no rights or claims to the Zibb Trade Technology Platform in relation to any losses arising from any sale, realization, redemption, liquidation, alienation or proposed sale of crypto assets due to the fact that the user is unable to maintain margin or meet margin requirements, regardless of whether such losses might have been incurred and whether a better price was obtained or not obtained by postponing or changing the date of such sale, realization, redemption, liquidation, disposal or otherwise.

Opening an account

By creating an account, you agree to:

  • provide accurate and truthful information. Please read our Privacy Policy to find out how we collect, use and share your personal information;
  • agree to undergo AML / KYC procedures that may be applied to you from time to time;
  • maintain and promptly update the information about your Zibb Trade account;
  • maintain the security of your Zibb Trade account by protecting your password and restricting access to your account.

Input and output of digital and fiat currencies

Authorization to create an address. You understand and acknowledge that the address for receiving crypto assets will be created automatically as soon as you request the deposit’s transfer and before any crypto asset can be transferred to your Zibb Trade account, you authorize its creation.

Deposit / Withdrawal’s Authorization. When you request Zibb Trade to deposit / withdraw crypto assets to your account, you authorize Zibb Trade to execute such a transfer through the platform.

Rejected or suspended deposits / withdrawals. In some cases, an external service may reject your digital and electronic assets for processing, suspend the transfer of a deposit / withdrawal, or may not be able to support the transfer, or may not be available for other reasons.


When you submit a new trade order through the technology platform, you authorize Zibb Trade:

  • to fix the transfer of your assets from / to / your account on Zibb Trade;
  • if applicable, to reserve your assets in your Zibb Trade’s account in accordance with such trade order.

You acknowledge and agree that in relation to your trading activity, the Zibb Trade technology platform:

  • does not act as your broker, intermediary, agent, advisor or a fiduciary;
  • does not act as a party to the particular asset’s transfer.

Trade rates. Each placed trade order creates different market exchange rates. You acknowledge and agree that the information on rates, available through the Zibb Trade Technology platform, may differ from prevailing rates available through other sources outside the Zibb Trade Technology platform.

Market’s volatility. In particular, during high volume’s periods, lack of liquidity, rapid movement or volatility on the market for any assets, the actual market rate at which a market trade transaction is executed may differ from the prevailing rate specified on the Zibb Trade Technology platform at the time of your trade. You understand that we are not responsible for such rate fluctuations.
The rates, available on the Zibb Trade Technology platform, should not be deemed as investment or financial advices, or be called such, and cannot be used as the basis of an investment strategy.

The amount of fees. You agree to pay fees for transfers executed through the Zibb Trade Technology platform as determined by fees and limits. Changes to fees are effective from the commencement date, specified in the publication of the revised tariffs and limits and will apply prospectively to any Transfers that take place after the effective date of such revised tariffs.

Payment of duties. You authorize us or our designated payment operator to charge or deduct your assets from your Zibb Trade account regarding any applicable fees in connection with the transactions you execute through the Zibb Trade Technology platform.


Zibb Trade is the property of the Zibb system and is protected by international copyright laws and other intellectual property rights laws.
We hereby grant you a limited, non-exclusive and non-sublicense license to access and use Zibb Trade for personal or business purposes solely for regular use.

Zibb Holder ( – dividends and storage system.

Zibb Bank ( - commercial B2B lending and deposit system.

Zibb Invest ( - platform for external investments.

Zibb Holder Service Agreement (

Under the present Agreement, the Zibb system (hereinafter referred to as the Financial Partner) undertakes to provide services to the user (hereinafter Zibb Holder). The user, in his\her turn, agrees to the terms of using these services.

Subject of the agreement

The financial partner undertakes to ensure a balanced principle of profit from the infrastructure units (websites) of the Zibb system; to transfer the agreed interest for enabling Zibb Holder to get dividend income.

Zibb Holder undertakes to comply with the terms of the agreement and acquire the Zibb Coin cryptocurrency in order to store it at the personal address, in the amount necessary to receive dividends.

In the frames of the services provision by Zibb Holder and Zibb Coin’s promotion, the Financial partner endeavors to generate income through the most efficient operation of the Zibb system’s controlled mechanisms. The financial partner has the right to engage any third parties to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement without obtaining the consent of Zibb Holder and for profit, as well as any companies that provide assistance in getting a stable income.

Terms of interaction

After purchasing the Zibb Coin cryptocurrency, in the minimum or maximum amount, acceptable for work in Zibb Holder, the Financial partner, using technical instruments, opens a wallet for storing and accounting asset’s units.

Zibb Holder receives dividends on its account in a timely manner as a free percentage of the asset from the Financial partner, allocated from the Zibb system’s total income to cover the scalability costs of Zibb Coin.

Zibb Holder has no limitations on the purchase’s volumes, except for the minimum allowable share. Besides, Zibb Coin does not have a storage life - it is possible to sell a share of the Zibb Coin’s asset at any time, on any platform of the Zibb system where a sale or exchange is available. Thus, you may quit the Zibb Holder’s storage service and end the partnership.

Duration of the agreement

The present Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period. The Agreement can be terminated at the initiative of Zibb Holder or Financial partner at any time.

Zibb Holder agrees that the preesent Agreement may be amended by the Financial partner unilaterally. At the same time, a sufficient notification of Zibb Holder about the changes made is the placement, by the Financial partner on the website, of a modified version of the Agreement or separate changes to it, as well as sending, by the Financial partner, a notification of the entry of the Agreement’s new revision into force to the Zibb Holder’s personal account or to its email address.

Liability of the parties

The financial partner is fully responsible for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of its obligations under this Agreement.

The financial partner is not responsible for Zibb Holder’s losses incurred as a result of:

  • making changes by Zibb Holder or third parties to any software products offered by the Financial partner for use when interacting under the Agreement and as a result of viruses and other malware in the hardware and software used by Zibb Holder to access the Services of the Financial partner.
  • violation by Zibb Holder of the present Agreement and Terms of Zibb System’s Use.

The parties are released from liability for full or partial failure to fulfill their obligations under the present Agreement, if such was the result of force majeure circumstances.


Each party shall take measures for the security and protection of information and documents exchanged within the framework of the Agreement. Zibb Holder shall independently take all necessary measures to maintain confidentiality, prevent unauthorized use and protect access to his\her account.

Agreement with the rules of using commercial lending and deposit system - Zibb Bank (

Subject of the agreement

Zibb Bank is an intermediary business that operates for the purpose of generating profit through the provision of credit and deposit services between clients.

Zibb Bank provides a platform for placing deposits and quick loans, secured by cryptocurrency, and receives a fixed percentage for services from each successful transaction.

Clients are users of the Zibb Bank platform, interacting with each other in order to obtain a loan on the one hand and place a deposit on the other.
Zibb Bank acts as the guarantor between the parties.

Transaction’s terms

The investor acts as a lender / creditor /, creates an application for placing a deposit. The borrower interacts with the lender’s active application or creates an individual application and receives the required amount in fiat money secured by his asset in cryptocurrency.
The terms of interaction of both parties are determined by smart contracts; obligations to receive interest, payment of the loan’s interest rate, storage of the pledged asset, terms are stipulated and agreed upon at the time of the transaction.

After fulfilling the smart contract’s terms, the borrower returns the core (principal) deposit to the investor and receives his\her pledged asset to his personal wallet.

Transaction’s guarantees

Zibb Bank guarantees the fulfillment of the transaction’s terms. The guarantee of the deposit’s return to the investor (lender) is the pledge of the borrower's asset, it is kept by the pledgee, which is Zibb Bank. In the case the loan is non-refundable, the pledged asset is a reserve for the repayment of the core (principal) investment to the investor.

Zibb Bank guarantees the insurance of the asset for the borrower - insurance of the pledged asset, determined by the smart contract’s terms and the private key to access the digital storage.

Breach of obligations

The violation of payments at the loan rate by the borrower for more than 3 days is the inability to pay interest on the deposit and leads to a default on the investor's obligations to receive income.

In the event of these circumstances’ occurrence, Zibb Bank takes over the obligations of the borrower and closes the remaining part of the income interest to the investor for the obligations’ duration under the smart contract.

The penalty of 0.5% is charged on outstanding payments of the borrower and each new payment. If the borrower has not fulfilled his\her obligations and has not paid the remaining interest on the loan, as well as has not returned the loan, his account is canceled, the pledged amount becomes the property of Zibb Bank to repay the core (principal) deposit to the investor.
Rights and obligations

Zibb Bank guarantees its clients the provision of all declared services, in full and in accordance with the specified conditions.

Zibb Bank undertakes to ensure the operability of the website, provide advisory support to clients and promptly eliminate any technical problems that caused difficulties for clients.

Zibb Bank undertakes to operate in the digital financial field, expand the licensed strategy for creditworthy clients and significantly simplify the system, for beneficial mutual business relations between the parties to the financial process.

Clients undertake to fulfill the obligations of credit and deposit relations and meet the needs of both parties involved in the process.

In case of revealing a fraud on the part of clients or violating any of this Agreement’s clauses and the Rules, Zibb Bank and Zibb system as a whole, has the full right to unilaterally refuse any services’ provision to this client, block his account without the possibility of returning the funds it has. In the event of a dispute, Zibb Bank has the right to temporarily suspend operations, prior to trial.

Agreement with the terms of using Zibb Invest platform for external investments (

Subject of the agreement

Under the present agreement, the Investor transfers funds to Zibb Invest (hereinafter referred to as the Portfolio), and Zibb Invest undertakes to pay the Investor a percentage of the profit received, according to the procedure and terms determined in the investment panel of the Investor's personal account.

The investment portfolio should be distributed in certain areas of investment and used by Zibb Invest as the instrument for generating income from external investments.

Zibb Invest is a technical component of the Zibb system, a separate website that is focused on highly profitable areas of external investment. The purpose of which is to bring profit to the Zibb system, in the amount of at least 25-30% monthly. By using the Investor's funds, Zibb Invest distributes 50% (fifty percent) of the profit, for the period of use, for the Investor's Portfolio.

Profit interest is paid according to the selected investment’s terms, which the Investor chooses independently. All financial data is broadcasted online in the investment panel of the personal account.

Rights and obligations of the parties

Zibb Invest shall enable the Investor to control over the intended use of the investment portfolio by providing the Investor with an open ledger, for what purposes the investment funds have been directed.

The investor receives the obligatory insurance for each share of the portfolio from Zibb Invest, after the investments’ distribution and full diversification.
Investment terms, validity period, investment portfolio’s amount, profit percentage, additional opportunities are also agreed with the Investor in an investment smart contract at the time of the transaction.

The investor undertakes to comply with the terms and conditions of agreements and contracts and also understands all the risks associated with investing into the external market of the investment sector on the Internet.

The investor independently chooses investment terms, the investment portfolio’s amount and realizes that investment is associated with certain risks. For any result, he\she will not make claims to Zibb Invest and in the event of a possible loss of the investment portfolio’s certain share, he\she receives obligatory insured sum on this amount.

Force Majeure

In the event of force majeure circumstances (any circumstances beyond the competence of the Zibb system, Zibb Invest website and Zibb Company), the Zibb system administration is released from liability to its clients for failure to fulfill all declared features and services. The client cannot make claims and demand material compensation from the Zibb Company if, due to these circumstances, the result of the client's participation in the project does not correspond to the expected one.


The terms of the present agreement and smart contract are confidential financial obligations and must not be disclosed.

Any changes and amendments to this agreement are valid provided they are made in writing and published in the public domain on

Zibb Risk ( - Zibb Coin cryptocurrency’s insurance service.

Zibb Partner ( - site of extensive affiliate program.

Zibb Chat ( – messenger’s application.

Zibb Products ( - service for creating and placing advertisements.

Zibb Stats ( - organized open accounting of financial activity’s automatic processes.

The present Terms of using institutional units of the Zibb System, specified above, are uniform and can be interpreted on the general terms of this agreement with the Terms of Use. These are additional websites that are auxiliary instruments to improve service and guarantees for the user.

These areas provide:

Insurance of your investment in the Zibb Coin cryptocurrency, the insurance’s terms are backed by the smart contract that focuses on market volatility. All information, instructions and obligations are placed on the website. Zibb Risk guarantees the stable work for the user.

Affiliate programs are implemented to enable Zibb system’s scalability, accelerated capitalization and company’s development. The user agrees with the terms of using the affiliate programs published on the website.

Zibb Chat offers secure communication and thematic channels. The user accepts the policy of using the messenger and undertakes not to violate the agreement’s terms. The messenger, located at, guarantees the unconditional provision of services in an uninterrupted, private manner, providing communication in groups, chats, video calls.

The advertising module Zibb Products provides targeted financial advertisement for various products. The user approves the placement, raising to the top, adding products to the financial module of the browser with system administrators of the portal.

Zibb Stats - provision of open statistics services, it complements the Zibb system’s instruments and provides users with access to materials that contain financial data for each Zibb system’s unit and in aggregate. The user gets an additional opportunity, while using the services specified in the present agreement, to use open statistical summaries of financial results online.

The user shall get acquainted with these Rules before using any of the Zibb system’s services.


Additional information that is possible in the request to identify users, as well as additional information to analyze users’ activity in the frames of anti-money laundering (AML) at the discretion of the administration:

  • individual user: name, date of birth, contact information, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, ID (for example, passport, driver's license or other government-issued ID), information to confirm the place of residence (for example, utility bill or similar),
  • corporate user: full name of the legal entity, legal documents (such as registration certificate, memorandum and / or charter, documents confirming the rights of the authorized person or the beneficial owner), information on persons related to the legal entity, bank details and extracts from accounts.

Third parties’ terms and conditions and other liability

The Zibb system does not control and is not responsible for any data, content, services or products (including software) that you access, download, receive or purchase while using the system's websites. We may, but are not obliged to, block information, transmission or access to certain information, services, products or domains to protect websites, the Zibb system, the public or our users. We are not the publisher of an external content, the access to which is carried out through the Zibb system’s websites, and are not responsible for the content, accuracy, timeliness or delivery of any opinions, advices, statements, messages, services, graphics, data or any other information provided to third parties available through the Zibb system’s websites.

You acknowledge and agree that the Zibb system is not responsible for any aspects of the information or content presented in any external materials or on any external sites available on or linked to the Zibb system´s websites.

You are responsible for evaluating what you want to get from using the Zibb services by accessing and using the Zibb websites, you understand all risks and agree that the present Agreement does not cover any applicable and insuperable terms, not related to the obligations of the Zibb system’s websites. The Zibb system fulfills its obligations and provides services to the extent of its competence, supported by a legal component, until the provision of such services is impossible due to the circumstances which are beyond the Zibb system’s control.