Features of Zibb Wallet

Zibb Wallet is software which enables authorizing Zibb Coin’s transactions that you may use to interact with the DAG network. Using such wallet, you can send, receive and manage Zibb Coin’s digital assets.

The Zibb Wallet is available on both mobile devices (iOS, Android) and desktop computers (Mac, Windows). It has a simple and intuitive interface, has a wide range of functions.

The device consists of a public and private key. A public key is a wallet address that is available to everyone. Similar to the card number, the sender needs to know the recipient's public key in order to send him funds. Public Key is used to encrypt information when the browser accesses the server.

The private key is required to gain access to the wallet. You control the private keys yourself. Similar to the PIN code, the wallet’s owner must remember the system generated Private Keys (or write it down and keep in a safe place) to manage the funds. Never share your private key with anyone.


  • free wallet;
  • ergonomic and easy to use;
  • quick access and security;
  • simple payments with conditions;
  • private untracked payments.

Zibb Wallet is safe and directly connected to the DAG network with a high level of security. The client of Zibb Wallet is able use the software wallet in both hot and cold ways.

Zibb Wallet encrypts the backup copy using a cryptography library. If you need to retrieve the private key of your wallet, you may go to settings, select the functions you want and sign any transaction from your wallet.

Zibb Wallet may become a full-fledged hardware wallet. The backup copy also contains an extended key, Public Key, which controls the capabilities of Payers, stores complete financial information and balance data. This is a portable version that allows you to copy all data to a medium. Having downloaded a full backup copy - you have a cold storage wallet; save your private keys offline and go online with the wallet just to view or send a payment.

Zibb Wallet applies the most advanced security measures to keep your funds safe and sound. It has a high speed of work and low load on the system. The speed of Zibb Wallet is achieved due to high-performance servers, a specialized SPV payment verification algorithm is used. Zibb Wallet's servers are decentralized and redundant enough so that your wallet never goes out of operation and meets all specifications successfully.