Zibb Roadmap

The Zibb Roadmap promotes teamwork’s formation regardless of complexity – it is a visual representation of tasks’ list to be completed in order to achieve desired goals in the long run.
Using this tool, we arrange parallel work on separate tasks, outside the Zibb system, by different departments or specialists

Business online

Entertainment content (as a smart strategy for achieving market leadership)
Introduction of a gambling platform, online casino, into the Zibb system.

Project implementation: March-April, 2021
Introduction of sports betting platform, online tote, into the Zibb system.

Project implementation: May-July, 2021.
Introduction of a video hosting platform into the Zibb system (services for storing, downloading and playing videos).

Project implementation: fourth decade of 2021
Introduction of a virtual dating service platform into the Zibb system (finding a partner and communicating with other people).

Project implementation: fourth decade of 2021
Fundamental direction (based on opportunities, considering the strengths and weaknesses of the business)
Development of Zibb online stores for selling electronic appliances and goods of high demand, as well as stores with a high assortment of other goods

Project implementation: second decade of 2021
Development of a global Internet resource for posting various advertisements, offers and sales, other paid content

Project implementation: third decade of 2021
Development of a courier service - Zibb online, delivery of various goods purchased at Zibb online stores, as well as individual orders from customers (personal and valuable items) around the world.

Project implementation: fourth decade of 2021
Scalability of online sales business to ground mode. Opening of stores with diversified specifics of work according to the assortment of each Zibb online store.

Project implementation: It will be realized only in big cities with the population of over one million people and high purchasing power. (COVID-19 is a possible restriction on opening dates)

Synchronous work (simultaneously with the main development plan)

Development of smart contracts, with ordered contractual obligations on using investments in Zibb Company’s business plans and the procedure for receiving dividends by the investor for using funds.
Listing of Zibb Coin cryptocurrency on trading markets and the possibility of payment’s calculations at Zibb Coin stores. – Implementation: third decade of 2021.
Reorganization business: we collect ideas that have not been realized in full, ready-made but closed websites that could not fulfill their obligations to users for one reason or another. The Zibb Company’s team of programmers and managers works in the direction of processing and organizing a "clean" business.

Business in the area of ground services

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and an ambiguous situation in the world, we are postponing the opening of ground projects and we are planning these works to be started in 2022.

In the fourth decade of 2021, we will start the development of business plans, searching necessary issuers and counterparties and other necessary components, in the following order:
Establishing an international banking structure
Establishing an international banking structure, following all the criteria of world legislative acts, registration of authorized capital, currency asset for countries with increased economic activity, obtaining international banking licenses for performing financial activity in various jurisdictions, opening Zibb banks’ office centers
Foreign economic activity
The initial level of logistics infrastructure, transport, selection and arrangement of uninterrupted transportation between the main points, equipping delivery points with warehouse structures
Investment and construction plan
Investment and work plan of an international contractor for engineering and construction of buildings, structures, road construction and maintenance. Choosing a fundamental direction based on the opportunity: determining a target location, issuers and competitors, drawing up an action plan, creating a sustainable competitive advantage at the initial stage.

Entertainment content

Introduction of the entertainment content’s platform, related to online casino gambling, into the Zibb system - project implementation: second decade of 2021. Detailed information

Synchronous work

Smart contracts development. Detailed information

Business in the area of ground services

Foreign economic activity. Detailed information

Reorganization business

Detailed information